29 апреля 2024 14:04 / Спорт

The head of Haas explained how the team will select a new driver.

Haas CEO Ayao Komatsu explained how the team will select a new driver.

According to the functionary, everything will be decided by the owner Gene Haas, and Komatsu, in turn, can only help the businessman with advice.

Let us remind you that Nico Hulkenberg will leave the American stable at the end of the season.. The current expectation is that Haas will take Ferrari junior Oliver Baerman.

«I'm just giving Gene my opinion because he's the owner of the team.. He listens, but the final decision always rests with Jin.

He always evaluates the pros and cons. What will be the pros and cons of signing a particular driver and what consequences they may have in terms of the team's position in the championship.

Because moving up even one position in the Constructors' Championship makes a very big difference in prize money. And it all comes down to this: this guy costs this much, and maybe even more, but he can change our position in the championship,” f1i quotes Komatsu.

It was also previously reported that the McLaren pilot was injured during a party.

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