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The clock has started. The US gave TikTok owners 9 months to sell the platform

The clock has started. The US gave TikTok owners 9 months to sell the platform

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ByteDance is preparing to challenge the law in court (Photo: DADO RUVIC \ Reuters)

US President Joe Biden signed a law banning TikTok in the country if parent company ByteDance does not sell the platform for the next 9-12 months.

Biden signed the foreign aid package, which includes the TikTok bill, on Wednesday, April 24.. Accordingly, the law regarding the sale or ban of TikTok in the United States of America comes into force.

Now the Chinese company ByteDance has 9 months with the possibility of extending this period to a year in order to reach an agreement on the sale of its ultra-popular social network. If this is not done, access to the social network will be closed.

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Bloomberg previously reported that TikTok plans to challenge the law in court.. The litigation could ultimately change the timeline for the sale.

The question also remains of how China will react and whether the authorities will allow ByteDance to sell TikTok. The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, wrote that the Chinese government believes that blocking the social network in the United States is better than selling TikTok.

As is known, the US intentions to ban the social network are associated with widespread concerns about the possible transfer of data on American users by the Chinese company to authorities in Beijing, as provided for in the Chinese national security law. TikTok, based in Singapore, insists that it does not store information about American users in China.