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The ban is already close. TikTok Ban Bill Passes US Senate

Ban is coming. TikTok Ban Bill Passes US Senate

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TikTok may appeal the ban in court (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic)

The US Senate has supported a bill on TikTok that would force the Chinese company ByteDance to abandon the platform, and sent it to President Joe Biden for signing.

The bill aims to force the Chinese company ByteDance to sell TikTok, otherwise the platform will be banned in the United States. Upon expected signature by President Biden, ByteDance will be granted up to 1 year ( 9 months with the possibility of extending the period for another 3 months) for the sale of the TikTok platform.

According to The Verge, the US House of Representatives has already voted twice to pass a law on TikTok.. For the first time, legislators of the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly for a document providing for alienation within six months. Extending the deal to a year ensures more support in the Senate. Additionally, the House effectively forced the Senate to consider TikTok earlier than it otherwise would have by including the issue in high-priority foreign aid packages. As a result, the bill was supported, 79 senators voted for it, 18 against it. It is now sent to President Joe Biden, who has already committed to sign the document if it passes both houses of Congress.

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As you know, US lawmakers and intelligence officials are concerned that the owner of TikTok could jeopardize the data of US users. This is mainly due to China's national security law, which could force companies based there to hand over inside information. TikTok itself is based in Singapore. The company also assures that it does not store information about American users in China.

According to Bloomberg, TikTok told employees that if the law is passed, the company will try to challenge it in court. The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, wrote that the Chinese government believes that blocking the social network in the United States is better than selling TikTok.