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I'll have to look for another job. TikTok will no longer pay you to watch videos

Will have to look for another job. TikTok will no longer pay to watch videos

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TikTok Lite under regulatory scrutiny (Photo:TikTok)

After monetary rewards for watching videos on TikTok Lite attracted the interest of regulators in the EU, the platform abandoned this type of reward for users.

Shortly after European regulators launched an investigation into TikTok over a feature « remunerated tasks» that can be addictive for young users, the platform has suspended it. Speaking to Reuters, a TikTok spokesperson noted that the feature was not available to users under 18, but the European Commission's complaint suggests TikTok's age verification mechanisms may not be strong enough to prevent children from signing up for the rewards program..

A simplified version of the TikTok Lite app has been available in parts of Asia for years, and earlier this month it arrived in France and Spain. There was a rewards system inside the app where users received coins that could be redeemed for Amazon vouchers, PayPal gift cards, or TikTok's in-app currency. But in order to collect a significant amount, it was necessary to spend a significant amount of time inside the application, watching videos and liking them, since an hour of watching videos brought in only about 36 euro cents ( or 38 cents).

Referring to the EU Digital Services Act ( DSA), European regulators have launched an investigation into TikTok Lite, suggesting that the platform may be addictive to children as « light cigarettes»

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