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Did you miss the commercial breaks? YouTube is promoting a new way to serve ads on the platform

Did you miss the commercial breaks? YouTube is promoting a new way to serve ads on the platform

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Ads will appear on YouTube every time the video is paused (Photo: Pinho \ Unsplash)

YouTube will likely show users ads every time they pause a video on the platform. Advertisers liked this method of displaying ads.

Last May, YouTube began testing a new way to display ads.. Advertising banners appeared on the screen every time users paused videos. Google Commercial Director Philipp Schindler shared the positive results of this advertising experiment the day before, writes Android Authority.

“In the first quarter, we saw a significant boost from the ad pause pilot on connected TVs, a new uninterrupted ad format that appears when users pause their regular content,” Schindler said.

He stated that such advertising on YouTube provides high brand promotion results” and “requires high prices from advertisers”. This could indicate that the company will eventually roll out this feature widely.. Schindler didn't share a timeline for when these ads will start appearing on YouTube, but it is known that they will first be rolled out on smart TVs.

As NV Techno wrote, YouTube stepped up efforts last year to encourage users to allow ads while watching videos or upgrade to YouTube Premium. In particular, the platform began to turn off video for users with an enabled browser ad blocking extension.. This month, it was revealed that users who watch YouTube videos through a mobile ad-blocking app may experience problems and playback error messages.

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